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Surname :MartinezPhilippe Martinez
First Name :Philippe
Status :Enseignant-Chercheur UBX (Professeur HDR)
Thematic Teams(s) :Palaeoclimate
Address :UMR CNRS 5805 EPOC - OASU
Université de Bordeaux
Site de Talence - Bâtiment B18N
Allée Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire
CS 50023
Telephone :+33 5 40 00 29 66
E-mail :philippe.martinez@u-bordeaux.fr

Expertise / Responsabilities
paleoceanography, stable isotopes (organic matter)/ directeur-adjoint de l'UMR

- Reconstructing variation in oceanic productivity and relationships within the local and global climatic framework, in the eutrophic zone (coastal upwelling systems, NW and SW African, NW and SW American) and the oligotrophic domain (large anticyclonic gyres), across the later Quaternary, by way of a multiproxy approach (Corg, CaCO3, light C and N isotopes in organic material, principal and trace elements).
- Studying mechanisms and recent processes of early diagenesis in the margin domain leading to the sedimentary record of palaeoceanographic proxies, i.e. trace metals sensitive to redox conditions (Mn, Fe, U, Mo, Cd, Re), concentrations of Corg et N, and light isotopes in organic material of N and C.
- Scientific Head of the PACS Facility

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